Blockchain technology has been hailed as one of the breakthroughs that will completely change the world around us. But since most of it will remain under the hood, so to speak, these changes won’t be as visible as some other technological wonders that had a massive impact on our lives. That doesn’t mean that changes brought by blockchain will be any less significant, though. It already has a huge impact on several critical fields, like accounting, finance, supply chain management, record keeping, and many others. However, the financial sector stands to benefit the most. Blockchain will thoroughly transform the way we handle money, from storing financial data to stock trading. Those who started early implementation are already reaping the benefits of it. Add in the fact how easy it is to develop a blockchain currency and it is easy to see why it will have a huge impact on our future. Here are some ways blockchain will revolutionize stock trading.


Real-time trading was made possible with the advent of the Internet. Before that, trade speeds were limited by the fastest means of communication, and that was a telephone. Even today, things like trade clearances, intermediaries, and regulations can take up to three days to clear and make a transaction complete. With blockchains, we will see a major increase in speed. The current bottleneck is protocols that need to be updated or even completely changed in order to fully exploit the blockchain possibilities. Once that gets solved, we will witness almost light speed trades. However, trades aren’t the only thing that will get faster. Even the ability to get listed on the market will be significantly speedier, due to much faster access to information.


Fees are a massive burden on any trade transaction and the main reason why more people don’t get involved in trading. In many cases, they are fixed or have a minimal amount, making it impossible for ordinary people to trade small quantities. They often end up with less money they have started with, even in the case of a successful trade, due to fees and provisions they have to pay. Large broker firms can easily pay millions in fees in a single year. Blockchain technology will make the whole process much cheaper. Some experts claim that it will reduce the cost of transactions by up to 80%.


Cryptocurrency is still, more than 10 years after bitcoin was created, considered by many as a tool used mainly by people with intimate knowledge of information technologies. Ordinary people across the globe still don’t trust cryptocurrencies enough to even consider using them, let alone save in them or used them in trades. With the wide-spread implementation of cryptos based on blockchain, with its added layer of security, this too will change. You don’t have to hold a degree in advanced computer sciences to use them. For instance, you can easily learn how to buy ripple in minutes, even if you have no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. As more people start to use cryptocurrency in real life for their everyday needs, the wave of democratization will finally sweep away doubts and fears we have about them.


One of the biggest gripes ordinary people have with modern stock markets is their lack of transparency. Insider trading deals behind closed doors and other nefarious activities seem to be pervasive elements of every trading room. This is where blockchain technology can really help. We finally have a system that can oversee all trades, regardless if they take place in New York, London, or Shanghai. Every transaction is recorded and stored in a safe place, making it almost impossible to delete or tamper with. Furthermore, this system can be configured to recognize patterns and easily detect any suspicious behavior, alarming the proper authorities. The best part is that anyone can access these trading logs and check them. If transparency is the aim, then blockchain is the best solution.


One of the biggest selling points of blockchain technology is its safety, inherent in the system design. First of all, the accounting ledger that records every transaction. The ledger is kept on multiple locations, in nodes around the network. Each transaction is marked by a unique cryptographic fingerprint, called a hash. Nodes communicate with each other using something called consensus protocol to compare their versions of the ledger, so even if several of them are hacked, the original data will be preserved. The best thing is that the security is scalable. Unlike other systems, in which security decreases as they grow bigger, the opposite is true for blockchain. Bigger networks mean more nodes, making it even harder for an orchestrated attack to affect the majority. There is still a risk of human error of course, but the blockchain is far safer than any other Internet technology we have today.


WordPress is basically an open-source and free content management tool. It is most commonly used to create websites and it is the simplest, most popular, and widely used tool to create websites or blogs.  

WordPress has become so popular that it powers more than one-fourth of all the websites on the Internet. Every day you visit hundreds of websites and everyone out four websites that you visit is powered by WordPress.

WordPress is in business since 2003, and over the last few years, it has become the number one choice for creating websites. This is because it offers a lot of benefits for you and your website.

Here are the top reasons why WordPress switching to a WordPress platform would be highly beneficial for your company’s website.


Within no time you can install a  WordPress site without any complex installation process. Without any technical expertise, the WordPress site is ready and up and running in a matter of minutes.

All that you need is an internet connection, a domain name, and a web hosting account. You can use WordPress by installing it for free through the WordPress hosting provider or can be used directly from 

Once you have the WordPress installed and ready with you, you will see a very intuitive and easy to manage Admin dashboard. It has all the features and tools needed to create and customize a site’s heading and layout and to create new pages and posts right away.


When creating websites with other tools, you will also need HTML editing software like Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver. But when you are working with WordPress, you don’t need any additional software for editing as it is a self-contained system. 

You can create a new page or blog post, edit the existing ones, format text, upload, and edit images, upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. all without the need for additional software like HTML or FTP software.


WordPress is a browser-based tool and you can access it from anywhere and anytime provided you have an internet connection. You can log in from any system or computer and start working on your website.

You don’t need a dedicated system to work on WordPress. Login access, internet connection, and a computer and you are good to go. 


Ranking high on search engines is very important for websites and searchability is the key to ranking high on search engines. 

The main reason for that is the code behind WordPress is very clean and simple which makes it easy for search engines like google to read and index a site’s content. Another reason why they rank high on the search engines is that they are constantly updated.

Moreover, every page, blog, post, or image can have its own keywords, description, and title. Specific keywords can also be used to optimize each and every blog, post, or page. This results in a  very precise and accurate search engine optimization.  

Your search engine optimization efforts can be further enhanced and improved by the use of tags and other tools.


With the help of WordPress, you have complete control over your website. You no longer have to wait for the designer or the expert to respond and make minor changes to your website.

You are the designer of your own website and can make any changes anywhere and anytime. This helps you to manage your website in a better way and always keep it updated regularly without and delay. Quick and timely updates make it perfect for search engine optimization. 


WordPress acts as the fuel if your website is the engine. It makes sure that your website is running smoothly and performing its best. With the help of WordPress, the appearance and feel of the site can be completely customized. 

Every small detail, image, page, layout, text,  etc can be fully customized to give your website a unique and authentic look. All this helps your brand to stand out from the competitors and helps your website to provide a unique experience to your visitors.


When you are working with WordPress, as the admin of your own website, you can have multiple users working on the website. You can assign different access levels and capabilities to different users. This helps to distribute different roles to different people for effective management of the website. 


Originally WordPress was created as a blogging platform and that’s the reason why it has inbuilt blogging capabilities that are easy to use and integrate if desired. The built-in blog feature allows the users to add blogs to their website directly without the need to create one separately.   

Setting up subscriptions to your blog, providing permissions to post comments, and automatically adding the most recent blog posts or post notifications to other pages of the site like your home page is quite easy to set-up. 

This feature helps to extend the reach of your website and also helps to make your website more attractive, interactive, and search engine optimization ready. 

What are the best mobile app development companies? Why?

On the off chance that you are understanding this, it tends to be securely accepted that you are hoping to have a mobile application for your business or have a business based upon it. What’s more, since mobile apps nowadays convey with them enormous chances, when you consider mobile apps, you have to consider all measurements identified with them-the market for mobile apps, the expense of advancement, and the mastery of mobile application improvement.

Consider this-four years prior in 2016, the worldwide mobile application advertise was around 88 million USD and is presently anticipated to extend to roughly 24 percent coming to $101 billion in net income by end of 2020 over all application stores. This can go about as a signal stick for every one of those hoping to construct a mobile application around this season.

The cost isn’t just about the cash. So rather than us giving harsh appraisals, we urge you to present your proposition to the top application improvement organizations the greater part of whom offer free statements, to show signs of improvement feeling of your undertaking. In any case, we might likewise want to feature another cost-the time and duty. It takes around 4-6 months to construct a normal mobile application, which is quite a while for thoughts to advance and markets to develop. The fact being, the point at which you employ a mobile application improvement organization, guarantee that you additionally consider such contemplations alongside the charging sum.

At that point there is the skill extreme to evaluate yet basic for quality. While there is no shortage of application advancement administrations available, fulfilling the worldwide customer base with strength in a rich arrangement of innovations and proficient at different strategies is something that not many can oversee. To spare you the difficulty, we have experienced a broad examination to quantify application engineers from over the globe on different boundaries and handpicked these top application improvement organizations that you can enlist in 2020

Source: Top Mobile App Development Company in London | Best App Developers UK

How should a modern logistics website look like?

Here, Few Point will Help you to make a modern logistics website.

  • Providers of logistics website design services should not forget that all the businesses prefer being put in the best light, as the first impression often plays a vital role. That’s why the main goal of corporate websites is to gain user confidence.
  • This can be achieved by including detailed information about company’s services, awards and certificates, advantages that clients will gain, and more. Leave some space for customer testimonials, as human beings tend to rely on other people’s opinions.
  • It’s a clever idea to deliver content in a concise manner. If there are no unnecessary details, people will not get bored very quickly and they will be more likely to visit the website again.
  • Highlight cases to point out how the company undertakes complex tasks, solves difficult problems, etc. to fulfill the order in a timely manner.
  • The website should not just tell visitors a story, they should see it. Show faces of real people who works for the company (like we did) and the company’s fleet.

Source: Logistics Company Web Design: Tips and Tricks | AGENTE


Nowadays everything is getting online. The coronavirus has added fuel to fire by making people sit at home and work. Many brick and mortar store owners have faced a huge loss during this pandemic situation. The online sellers were hampered too, but only up to some extent and it took less time for them to restart the work. During this pandemic, I felt a little bit of relief as I had my WordPress blog working. I started this blog last year and already have started earning from it. This is a perfect example of earning from my passion. As people are spending more time on the internet, I started getting lots of inquires about how to start a blog, which platform to use, which web hosting company to choose, etc. Thus, in this article, I will review my WordPress hosting experience with MilesWeb.


MilesWeb started working in the hosting industry in the year 2012 in order to deliver the best customer support to websites and business owners of all sizes. They use the latest hardware and software that makes your website robust and feasible to work under any circumstances.

I started my blogging journey with MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting in the year 2018. Let me first tell you, if you are passionate about telling stories to people or sharing your knowledge among like-minded people then blogging is the best option for you. Also, it will help further help to sell your products or services and will build up the teaching skills. To start a blogging journey all you need to have is desktop/laptop and an internet connection, that’s it!

To start with you will need a blog site with a domain name. So, for that register a domain name from any registrar. Buy a cheap WordPress hosting plan and get started. I am suggesting WordPress because it is an easy CMS that enables you to perform various tasks on your blog. MilesWeb offers everything right from domain to WordPress hosting under one roof.


There are two types of WordPress hosting offered by MilesWeb :

(i) Shared WordPress Hosting

(ii) WordPress Hosting Cloud


This WordPress hosting enables you to launch a site in minutes.

The Ace plan is very affordable to start a blog.

And if you want a domain with web hosting than Heart plan is the best option. With Heart and Diamond plan you get a free domain, so before investing extra and separate on both domain and web hosting first check out this option.

The managed WordPress hosting consists of various features like :

Automatic WordPress updates –

When you buy any WordPress hosting from MilesWeb, they make sure you don’t have to worry about installing and updating the plan manually as it is done automatically by their technical team. There is software provided at the backend which automatically upgrades the software to its latest version. Also, the technical professionals keep track of new updates related to the WordPress platform and plugins to install them on your system as soon as the release.

Already configured WordPress –

To make the management easy, MilesWeb pre-configures the site with the certified themes and plugins.

Fast Provisioning –

MilesWeb WordPress offers robust, ultra-fast, and scalable hosting for your WordPress site. The scalable cloud architecture launches the site in just a few clicks.

Email security –

There is no limit on email creation with managed WordPress hosting plans from MilesWeb. Each plan comes with unlimited email account option protected by IMAP/POP/SMTP protocols.


WordPress cloud hosting provides high-speed and reliable virtual cloud servers that offer LiteSpeed webserver + LSCache for your WordPress.

LSCache is a high-performance solution that manages the load and sudden spikes efficiently.

Importance of LiteSpeed + LSCache are :

1) Server-level full page cache

It can cache multiple versions of data generated by users like geographic location, currency, etc.

2) Crawler

Crawlers present on-site refreshes the web pages that have been expired. With the use of LSCache, your visitors will always receive cached content. Also, it makes less use of resource consumption on the server.


LSCache accelerates the use of CDN for the static content present on a website. If you use Cloudflare as a CDN for the static content then there is no need for any plugin for your WordPress website. Cloudflare also serves the content that is closer to visitors’ location.

Lazy load images, browser cache support, CSS, JavaScript, or HTML minification, Edge Side Includes (ESI) are some other features of WordPress cloud hosting.

Exclusive WordPress hosting features from MilesWeb is:

  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • HTTPS By Default
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Dedicated WordPress Support
  • Cloning
  • CDN
  • Daily Backups
  • SFTP Access
  • Dedicated WordPress Support
  • Caching
  • Server-Side Optimizations
  • Daily Backups
  • Cloning

Wrapping Up :

WordPress is a full-fledged Content Management System that allows you to create and manage websites easily. Companies like Sony, Disney are also using a WordPress site, but they have a strong technical team. Likewise, with MilesWeb hosting support, you can also start your blogging journey or a website for online business. MilesWeb guarantees 24/7 support with 99.95% uptime.


In today’s modern age, you can buy Twitter followers safely in order to grow your following in just a short period of time. 

However, if you have already tried this and are wondering whether the followers you have bought are real or fake, then this article is for you. 

Below, we will show you how to check the authenticity of your followers on Twitter. 

Use Twitter Audit 

One way to check whether you have real or fake twitter followers in to use This tool will weigh your account against the ones who follow you and the ones you follow to find out the account is botty or genuine. 

Furthermore, it is a reliable system that you can use to determine the actual influence of an account depending on the kind of people who follow it. In fact, advertising agencies also use this tool to check whether they are sending their messages to real people or not. On the other hand, if you are a blogger, you can also take advantage of Twitter Audit. 

Do your own research

Checking the follower counts as well as the tweets is another way to find out if your followers are fake or not. By simply taking your time to see what a certain user generally tweets and who their followings are can give you a great idea of what kind of user it is. 

If the account page is jam-packed with @replies, you can assume either the account is usually utilized as messaging streams or tons of replies from this user. However, if the replies always come with links, most probably it is a spam bot.

Now that you know how to determine fake and real followers, let’s see what are the drawbacks of having fake followers. 

Disadvantages of Fake Follower

One of the main drawbacks of having fake followers is that you may get banned on Twitter. Meaning to say, you will not be able to use this social media platform unless you are going to make a new account, but if you do this you will start from scratch. 

Aside from that, you will also lose your business SEO reputation and integrity which is not beneficial when you are running a business. 

So, to avoid this from happening make sure that the followers you are buying are real. No worries, since there are many tips that you can use when buying. 

Which are the best web designing companies in India?

A Good website reflects not only your business but also it is one of the main factors why a potential customer would convert into Client. A good website design helps increase traffic driving leads to grow business. A wisely designed landing page serves better than any poorly made website. Good SEO techniques and highly optimised websites make a good impression of your business process. Below are some of the India’s best website design companies which are highly recommendable, if you are planning for a boost in your business.1. Tvisha Technologies : Tvisha Technologies has stepped in the corporate world in the year 2002. Composed of Best website designers and web developers resources, Tvisha has took itself up to the zenith of doing a noticeable job in adhering to the best of client requirements and emerging as one of the best website design and development companies. Alexa Ranking In India: 47,510CEO: Mr.Sudhir Polepalli.2. Best SEO Company : Having won the Red Herring 100 Award of Asia for 2011,PageTraffic it has become the leading seo Agency in India. The services which company provides are Search Engine Optimization, Web Design,PPC Management and social media management services. Pagetraffic with expanding its SEO services has also launched Training & consultation services Of SEO/SEM. With the count of over 1500 satisfied clients around the world, the company ranks 5,963 in Alexa.CEO: MrNavneet Kaushal3. : The company has expertise in, various open source technologies like Joomla,Drupal and Magento,Zinavo is a leading web solution provider. Having succesfully delivered more than 300 projects, the company has ranked itself 9,765 in Alexa.CEO: Nazar4. : Olive Global was founded in 1996, now developed as portal development company based out of UK,India and Middle East which designs and develops one of the best B2C and B2B portals. Alexa Rank- 13,678.CEO: Mr Dipin Kumar & Mr. Neeraj Jain.5. IIH Global : IIHGlobakl is one of the most well known and top most enterprise which has been serving different little and huge measured organizations Being worked since 2013, IIHGlobal has positioned itself as the world’s third best association. Remaining at No. 1 situation in India, IIHGlobal brags of its best architects and web designers. IIH Global offers the following things at a very low cost:- Bespoke Web Design, Free SEO,Maintenance & Support 24/7,Free AMP Services,Mobile Friendly Website, Free Mini Mobile ApplicationCEO: MILAN SANANDIA, VP: SANJAY PANCHALSource: Top 10 web designing companies in India

What is the best Node.js development company?

IIH Global is a top NodeJS development organization with the attention on web and portable. NodeJS is known for its versatile, productive and structure inviting highlights. It is an offbeat occasion driven JavaScript runtime condition. We grasp Node.JS details and offer a start to finish answer for our clients at serious market estimating.

  1. Open source and cross stage condition.
  2. Node js Develops ongoing applications for web and portable.
  3. Low-level APIs in Node Js.
  4. Inexpensive testing and practical facilitating.
  5. Numerous bundles and expansions.
  6. Nodejs google v8 motor lift application execution.
  7. High Speedy and Scalable Node Js.

Node.js innovation is the ability to assemble quicker, secure and adaptable constant applications. For whatever length of time that the back-end with occasion driven and expedient Node.js development.

We are specialists in Node.JS and give development administrations utilizing the system. Our engineers know about the intricate details of NodeJS, and take into account the development procedure as per assorted spending plans, thoughts, and execution technique.

Source: NodeJS Web Development Company | Enterprise Node.JS Development

Which is the best ReactJS development company?

With regards to employing any expert, the point isn’t to care for the best proficient yet to the correct one who can fit into the prerequisite or the job doled out to him. Something comparable is the situation with ReactJS Developers as well as with a ReactJS Development Company. As the prevalence of ReactJS development is developing, the necessity for superb aptitude is obvious. Truly, recruiting a judicious engineer isn’t so natural as it appears from the outset, they are as of now utilized by top organizations. In any case, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the ideal one for you.In any case, before that lets take a round on why ReactJS is a correct decision? With regards to make or assemble compelling and dependable web applications, at that point ReactJS stage stands brilliant. The open source library is generally used to make an alluring UI for web applications. The ReactJS imagined by the tech monster Facebook alongside some other engineer bunches for the reason to give a library to assemble huge applications with the information that changes over and over.

Our ReactJS Solutions

  • Enterprise Reactjs Development
  • Reactjs Front-end Development
  • Reactjs Template Creation
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Custom Reactjs Development
  • Ajax Development

Our ReactJS Development Services:

  • ReactJS Web Development Services
  • Custom ReactJS Development Services
  • ReactJS based Enterprise Solutions
  • React Native Mobile App Development
  • ReactJS Plugin Development & API Integrations
  • ReactJS Maintenance and Upgrade Services

Be that as it may, to pick up the best yield from ReactJS, you have to quit the best ReactJS Development Company and our exertion is to assist you with finding the correct one. Yet, before we start, how about we look at the deficiencies that precede choosing the one out of many out there.Searching for a ReactJS Development Company? You have halted by at the opportune spot… This article clarifies all your unsolved questions, for example, ‘What’, ‘Where’ and How’ to get the privilege ReactJS Development Company in UK or significantly different nations.Please feel free to send us an email at or get in touch with us, Our business development team will get back to you.SOURCE: Top Reactjs Development Company USA | Hire Reactjs Developer

Who is the best WordPress developer?

In the first place, we should sort a couple of things out: turning into a top WordPress developer is difficult work — exceptionally difficult work. It will require some investment, vitality and assurance. In case you’re searching for a simple agenda or some “quick go” to the top, you’re going to burn through your time. Being extraordinary compared to other is hard, and measurably, the situation is anything but favorable for you.To begin with, how about we put a couple of things on the right track: turning into a top WordPress developer is difficult work — extremely difficult work. It will require some investment, vitality and assurance. In case you’re searching for a simple agenda or some “quick go” to the top, you’re going to burn through your time. Being outstanding amongst other is hard, and measurably, the situation is anything but favorable for you.Coincidentally, introducing WordPress, perusing a couple of instructional exercises and tweaking a couple of subjects does *not *make somebody a top developer. They may consider themselves a “Specialist”, and that is fine. They may know more than the normal individual. In any case, a top developer moves *far* past the essentials, and pushes the very limits of what is conceivable. They enhance, add to the network, and exhibit dominance in the work they do.

BENEFITS OF WORDPRESS WEBSITE DEVELOPMENTSearch Engines Love WordPressIn WordPress code is exceptionally spotless and customization simple, making it simple for web crawlers to peruse and list a website’s substance in an extremely brief timeframe.Manage Your Website EasilyWordPress is program based so you can sign in from any Internet-associated PC and deal with your web page without any problem.Website Grow with businessWordPress destinations are entirely adaptable. You can have a huge number of pages or blog entries on your web page.Please feel free to send us an email at or get in touch with us, Our business development team will get back to you.

Source: WordPress Development Company | Hire WordPress Deveopers in UK